Spazi // Espaces

The project

This project starts from a reflection and at the same time from a survey: based on the collection of testimonies from the inhabitants, as well as a citizen participation, how to tell the world through artistic creation, thus multiplying the points of view.

Following two similar projects already completed, “Corps de ville” (2012/14 – intercultural and intergenerational project) and “IN # SITU” (2016/17 – choreographic project in urban space), through a multidisciplinary language (dance, theatre, music, circus) this new project is open to all audiences.
I as identity
M as migration
E as an economy
T as terrorism (fear, insecurity)
V as violence (to women, human rights)
P as a planet (ecology, sustainable development)
C as a change (decision making, changing the world)

Changing your perspective

How can we use a multidisciplinary language to provide a different perspective on major European issues?
The challenge is that of artistic creation, but also of the shared experience.


The project will be carried out through the implementation of various actions: performances in the urban space, participatory creations mixing public and artists, collection of testimonies from residents, calls for citizen participation, creation of a multilingual blog dedicated to the project.

Places of interaction

Supported by the Compagnie Héliotropion, this project will be developed at a local, national and international level with the collaboration of the Associazione LELASTIKO (Brescia-Italy) and the Circus Schatzinsel (Berlin – Germany).